CBD for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a progressive and irreversible brain disorder that destroys the thinking and memory abilities as well as the ability to carry out simple tasks.

Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

The AD is mostly related to our brain. It kills and degrades brain cells. As these brain cells die, the brain shrinks in size and causes two brain abnormalities namely Plaque and Tangles. So far the actual cause behind the Alzheimers’ is not completely known

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

A person is also not able to recognise changes. It also worsens your memory power, thinking and reasoning power which involves depression, mood swings, delusions, social withdrawal, Irritability etc.

CBD Oil for treatment of Alzheimer’s

CBD (cannabidiol) is non-toxic and non-psychoactive plant-based cannabinoid found in hemp. The analysis shows CBD for Alzheimer’s could be a potent inhibitor, medication and has potent neuroprotective properties.


CBD Users Reviews

CBD oil has major therapeutic potential in alleviating symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Marta S.

My mam is using cbd full spectrum from June 2018, she has dementia from lime disease cbd is working good. Her depression , anxiety is over. She is sleping well. Losing memory is slowing dawn! No more symptoms of lime disease. We are very happy

Jessica G.

Great product, it def helps my older senior dogs that have developed anxiety. My eldest has symptoms of “doggie dementia” and she gets extremely nervous & needy, but the CBD oil has helped! It seems to only have that anxiety calming propertiesfor an hour or 2 and then she’s back to being her usual needy self. Going to give it more time, probably increase the dosage for the future. Def a step in the right direction.

Marta Siewior

I bought it for my mom, she has dementia and Lyme disease, she is on CBD full spectrum four weeks, better thinking, less depressed, much better

Adriana c.

My dog is 17 years old, the cbd helps her with pains and dementia due to her age, love it