The dog is the most loved pet on the earth and mans’ best friend. If you are looking for extra care and extra healthy life for your dog then this article is for you. If your dog has seizures, anxiety, or cancer then CBD can help in treating your dog. In this article, you will find everything related to CBD for dogs.

What is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) ?

CBD is a natural chemical compound which is found in the hemp plant. This chemical compound is different from which means CBD can’t get you high. CBD is completely safe and legal within the USA, which makes it useful for pets.

There are different ways to extract CBD like CO2 extraction method, winterization, and short path distillation. The CO2 extraction method is the most practiced extraction method because it offers pure and rich CBD with zero strain of THC.

Benefits of using CBD for dogs

CBD For Dogs
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Reduces Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from different anxiety and noise phobias. With separation anxiety, your dog becomes more anxious when you leave them alone. This can lead to destructive behaviour like pacing, urinating, and chewing different objects. In dogs anxiety is the same as humans, dogs will also feel difficulty in sleeping, they will feel depressed and alone at times. CBD help your dog to calm the anxiety level which improves their sleep.

Treats Epilepsy and Seizures

Around 5% of dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures. Drug name phenobarbital and potassium bromide are given to dogs suffering from epilepsy and seizures, these drugs may help in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy but they can equally harm the organs of dog such as the liver. CBD is a completely safe alternative for epilepsy with no side effects.

Fights Cancer

CBD has some properties which lower tumour growth. When you give CBD to your dog it helps the immune system to kill the killer cells causing cancer. CBD kills the cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy.

Relieves Pain

CBD has an anti-pain and anti-inflammation property which reduces the level of pain. In fact, CBD is becoming one of the best alternatives to reduce the pain in dogs. CBD helps in reducing the pain related to neuropathy and nerve. It reduces the inflammation in pancreatitis and inflammation related to bowel disease.

Reduces Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Disease

After a certain age, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases are common in dogs. CBD reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines which is responsible for allergies and autoimmune disease. It also inhibits the production of inflammatory macrophages which helps in reducing chronic pain. CBD has also emerged as a powerful antioxidant.

Protects the Nervous System

CBD has shown positive effects in reducing the symptoms of spine related issues. It protects the brain cell of dog from toxicity.

Boosts Appetite

If your dog is not eating properly then use of CBD in food can boost your dog appetite. It also reduces nausea and vomiting symptoms.

How You can Give CBD to Your Dog?

CBD is available in different forms like oil, tincture, wax, and powder. For dogs, you can use CBD oil. Mix a few drops of CBD oil in their food, it is the easiest way to give CBD to your pets. If you have pet puppy then mix CBD oil in their milk. You can increase the dose of CBD oil if required.

Guide to Buy CBD Oil?

If you are looking for CBD for pets then you need high and rich quality of CBD products. Thought Cloud offers rich CBD oil which has no strain of THC. All the products from ThoughtCloud are lab tested for purity which makes them completely safe to use.

Final Thoughts On CBD For Dogs

Like human beings dogs also suffer from different medical conditions like epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and inflammation. Use of CBD for dogs can help in reducing all these symptoms. You can also increase the dose of CBD if required. There are no serious side-effects of CBD, sometimes your pet may feel dry mouth after consuming CBD.

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