If I miss out on my sleep during the night, I become a short-tempered person the next morning. As per the latest study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: a general lack of sleep can intensify the feeling of anger.

I think this study completely showcases my position when I sleep less during the night. All of us become grumpy if we do not get enough sleep. This seems to be acceptable at many levels that a loss in sleep hampers our thought process and this can lead to bad mood and anger.

Impact Of Lack Of Sleep

People with sleep deprivation often feel foggy. It becomes difficult to concentrate. A good night sleep improves learning, memory as well as the power to make decisions. These are

1. It slows down your thought process:

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to lowered concentration as well as alertness. A lack of sleep makes it difficult to focus and pay attention so you become easily confused and this, in turn, hampers your ability to perform certain tasks. Sleepiness also creates a negative impact on your judgment. A loss in focus and inability to make decisions can also create a negative impact on your mood.

2. Sleepiness Impairs Your Memory

Lack Of Sleep

Studies suggest that Sleep strengthens our nerve connection which is directly related to our memories. Therefore, when you are sleepy you tend to forget and misplace things often.
The different phases of sleep play different roles in converting the information into memories. When you sleep less or when your sleep is disrupted it interferes with these cycles disrupts your memory.
According to Allison T. Siebern, ” “If you’re not able to concentrate on what’s at hand, it’s not going to make it into your short-term memory and then long-term memory,”

3. Lack Of Sleep Disrupts Your Learning:

As discussed earlier, sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of focus and this makes it even more difficult to pick up things. It not only affects your memory but also disrupts your learning process. People usually opt for alternatives like Yoga, Meditation and CBD to treat such problems. These not only improves our focus but also helps in treating sleep problems.

4. Sleepiness Slows Your Reaction Time

Lack Of Sleep

The biggest danger of sleepiness is a slowed reaction time. A poll conducted in 2009 by the National Sleep Foundation reported that nearly one-third of Americans nod off while driving.

Moreover, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at least 100,000 crashes which are reported to police each year take place due to driver fatigue.

5. Your Mood Alters

A lack of sleep increases the negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, depression and decreases positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.
Moreover, your mood alters significantly when you do not get good sleep. It has also been found that sleep loss can impact your anger and reduces your ability to cope with stress.

Thus, sleepiness can not only disrupt your mood but also creates a negative impact on your daily lifestyle. It disrupts your focus and concentration power and makes you an angrier person as well.

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