CBD For Sleep

CBD oil is a very effective sleep inducing cannabinoid which can be used to help in a peaceful and restful sleep. It can very effectively fight insomnia and result in a good night sleep.

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Sleep Apnea is a condition in which a person wakes up due to the erratic breathing pattern. Study suggests that using CBD oil can result in the reduction of sleep apnea and gives you a relaxed sleep.

You do not get to sleep well when you are facing any type of pain. Many a times due to severe pain, you stay awake for the whole night. CBD is able to fight such pain issues and making you comfortable when you are sleeping.

CBD has proved to reduce Rapid Eye Movement behaviour disorder and also responded positively in motionless REM Sleep. Other than these CBD can also treat anxiety and depression thus helping one sleep peacefully at night


CBD Customers Reviews

Obsessed with this stuff! It has helped with my insomnia, anxiety, and most notably my TERRIBLE period cramps. Would recommend to anyone dealing with pain, insomnia, or anxiety.

Chelsea Barbee
Best. Sleep. Ever. I’ve had difficulty sleeping for years now. Not anymore! I slept like a baby, fell asleep fast and STAYED asleep. The best part? I wake up feeling rested! I can’t tell you the last time that happened. Its amazing!

Jenny G.
Love the oil! It has helped relieve the pain from tendinitis in my wrist, has eased my minor anxiety dramatically, and helps me sleep more soundly. I also like that it’s organically grown!