Debilitating condition gout can be painful so much so that a thin bedsheet over the afflicted joint can result in pain. Its most common region is the big toe joint, but it can also occur inside the elbow joint, fingers, knees, wrists and the ankles. Gout eruptions remain within a time span of three to ten days and are really agonizing. Flares can appear from nowhere, but the formation of crystals takes place from a long time without any clear symptoms developing earlier.

Persons suffering from gout need to introduce lifestyle changes to remove the additional uric acid out of their system. Generally, physicians would suggest prescriptive anti-inflammatory medicines like NSAIDs and at times corticosteroids to address the inflammation problems.

What Constitutes Gout

CBD for Gout treatment
Gout and coconut CBD oil

Gout signifies a type of arthritis where crystals of uric acid get accumulated inside our joints. It is a condition that results in excruciating pain which begins with a uric acid increment inside our body. Uric acid deposits due to an excess intake of rich and spicy foods, mixed with a sluggish lifestyle. The general foods that raise uric acid inside our body are caffeine, seafood, lentils, beans, and sardines to name a few.

The factors that contribute to gout are overweight, high BP, and high consumption of sugar and fructose. Alcohol intake also lowers the capacity of the body to drain out uric acid. Moreover, beer is high in purines that elevate uric acid formation. In addition, gender is another factor, as men have a high possibility of developing gout compared to women. Though women enter into the risk category after their menopause. Age is also another determinant as gout risk increases with age. It is assessed that men in their seventies have a 12% chance of developing gout compared to below 3% for males in their fifties.

How CBD Curbs Gout

The healing compound CBD comprises an analgesic and anti-swelling agent. CBD decreases inflammation and combats chronic pain within the damaged joint by communicating with the similar receptors with which our endocannabinoid system interacts for moderating inflammation. This causes an increment in the number of the endocannabinoid, 2-AG that fastens to the cannabinoid receptors CB2 to assist in the calming and mitigating the inflammatory response of our body. When the endocannabinoid 2-AG fastens to the receptor CB2, it interacts with the receptor to halt the transmission of the numerous attack cells, thereby helping in lowering inflammation.

CBD for Gout treatment
CBD for Gout treatment, gout and coconut CBD oil

CBD also assists in managing the pain resulting from gout by connecting with the endocannabinoid mechanism to elevate the endogenously produced anandamide. Also called the bliss molecule, anandamide attaches to receptors known as CB1 to halt the signalling of pain and induce pain relief. Together they perform to block the pain and swelling resulting from gout.
By treating the symptoms of gout, like swelling and pain, CBD can safely minimize the flare-up of gout and control its symptoms for a long duration without affecting any organ. Certain findings also support the potential of cannabinoids to reverse the damage caused by arthritis in joints.
CBD can be applied topically or orally ingested, sublingually held beneath the tongue, vaped or using transdermal patches on the inflamed joints.

Conclusion On CBD for Gout treatment

While regular exercise and a balanced diet can assist in controlling gout, using CBD oil on a regular basis can also immensely help. CBD oil is also known to assist in weight loss, regulate your levels of blood pressure and decrease your insulin resistance and also substitute the diet medications that could have raised the possibility of gout. In addition to suppressing gout, the ability of CBD to combat gout results from its natural potential of being a pain alleviator, an anti-inflammatory agent and an enhancer of the immune response.

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